770 Capital Investment Group is an asset based investing that will raise funds from private investors for purpose of loaning those funds to individual experienced qualified approved borrowers for the purpose of purchasing non-owner occupied residential and commercial real estate at loan to value (LTV) at 65-70%.


Loans may be made for properties requiring renovation and or purchase of investment properties at 65-75% loan to value.  The Loans will all be for a duration of not more than twelve (12) months.  Investors will receive a return of interest paid monthly, annually or based on the deal, accruing from the date on which the funds are put in use by the individual Borrowers.


770 Capital Investment Group has the knowledge and expertise to give our investors access to sophisticated real estate investments. Now you can join a leading real estate investment firm, without all the headache and daunting logistics of real estate ownership. 770 Capital Investment Group offers exclusive access to real estate investment opportunities in residential, commercial, and industrial markets.