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Rental features to get the top tenants

Every landlord wants the perfect tenant – one who is never late on the rent, takes care of the home and earns the right to get the entire deposit back at the end of their lease. For this type of tenant you must know what to consider when investing in a rental property and how to attract the ideal tenants.

School Zone

As a parent, the first thing to consider is the school district. In fact, 85 percent of tenants consider school zones the top deciding factor of where they want to relocate. Every parent wants their child to succeed and in order to assist in that success parents must decide the type of education that their children will receive. Real estate apps display the school district and rating levels for the surrounding area. In fact, looking for a great school system for a new rental is a good rule of thumb as it is predicted that the quality of the schools in the area will predict the neighborhood environments surrounding the area.


Although the school zone is the top guideline when looking for real estate investments, so is the safety in the area. Safer neighborhoods are highly desired and a tenant may be willing to pay more for a lease in a safer neighborhood than they are to save money in a less safe area.


Is your rental move-in ready? Tenants don’t want to do extensive cleaning when they move into your property. If you desire a tenant that takes care of your home, then you must show them the same standards prior to them moving in. Clean floors, a fresh coat of paint, new lighting and replacing broken appliances and fixtures should do the trick.


Is the property centrally located to an economy that is growing with close proximity to jobs? This ensures that the surrounding infrastructure has room for growth while helping to improve the home value and quality of potential tenant applications.

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