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3 Things you can do during quarantine to give more value to your property

It’s time to turn bad into good and give your property a value boost!

The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically affected our lifestyles. The virus has had a significant impact on the real estate market, and has caused millions in losses for several months. However, all is not lost.

If you have to stay in your house, you can take advantage of the time and DIY to give more value to your property.
Here are some tips to help you increase the value of your property during this quarantine period:

Build a Garden: Properties with green, outdoor, and recreational areas are in-demand on the real estate market. So giving your property this feature will increase its value for a future sale. Especially after the pandemic ends, buyers will be tired of being indoors and will long for a house where they can have the sense of freedom they lost during confinement.

Add a fireplace to the living room: Fireplaces are in high demand today. They provide a status of sophistication and elegance that shoppers find very attractive. Also, according to statistics, properties that have a fireplace increase their market value, compared to homes that do not have one.

Install smart gadgets: We are living in the 3.0 era. Buyers are eager to acquire properties with smart features, and willing to pay thousands of dollars more for a property that offers the benefits of artificial intelligence. You can buy the devices online and then create a home automation network (it is not as difficult as you think) and turn your property into a Smart Home! Did you know that adding home automation to your property can increase its value by thousands of dollars?

We hope these tips encourage you to take advantage of quarantine time and make your property much more valuable!
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